Diane Boyd

CTL Associate Director

Office: 002D – Lower Level
James B. Duke Library

Diane was trained as an eighteenth-century British scholar with an emphasis in cultural studies, earning the PhD from Auburn University in 2002. Before coming to Furman she was an assistant professor at Louisiana State University in Shreveport and directed faculty development efforts there with a focus on , active teaching and learning, leadership development, and course redesign. As CTL Associate Director she collaborates with faculty to design appropriately challenging courses, learning assignments, and environments, in addition to facilitating meaningful faculty conversations about course re-design and service learning.

At Furman Diane has taught courses on Addiction and Self-Healing, Emerging Learning Technologies (along with Mike Winiski), and First Year Writing Seminars entitled “Revising A City: Rebuilding New Orleans” and “The Sport of Cheating”.  In 2009 and in 2011 (with Marianne Bessy) she led intrepid groups of Furman students to New Orleans for 3 weeks of sustainable service learning activities. During MayEx 2012 and again in 2013 she will teach “Yoga in America”.  Students will study the translation of classical yoga into modern American yoga practice by reading excerpts of classical yoga texts, engaging in daily yoga practice, and using a cultural studies methodology to research yoga and its artifacts.

When not teaching academic classes, Diane teaches Yoga and Cycle classes at the Physical Activities Center (PAC).

If you’d like assistance designing or re-thinking an assignment or an entire course (especially writing intensive first year seminars) please contact Diane.

Contact Diane:

X 2450